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Chairman’s Message

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Chairman’s Message

We thank you for the time taken to learn about Marabou Construction And Projects. For the past few years our company is investing its time and resources in building its strength of structure and strong foundation. We know that our customers have high expectations of us and we strive never to take our customers for granted.  Over the years, we have enjoyed an outstanding amount of repeat business from our clients as we endeavor to make them customers for life. In a relatively short time our company has grown to where it is now, offering impressive levels of service excellence and a mission to delight our customers, satisfy our employees and be accountable to the community at large.

Marabou Construction And Projects has been a brand name in Building Construction and Civil Engineering sector in South Africa.  The company is known for quality of job execution with the help of dedicated work force supported by the Company’s Policy to retain the best talent. We set ourselves apart from every other construction company simply by our strong philosophy and our work culture.  We are our own competition and through every project, we set new standards

This resilience has placed the company in a strong position, allowing us to confidently steer ahead with our growth plan, primarily focused on our home market of  South Africa, where we believe the business environment is underpinned by very strong macro-economic fundamentals. The company also continues to build up a strong track record in construction firm, with our proprietary credit portfolio and advisory business delivering strong performance.

I have always been fascinated with buildings. In fact, one of my very first business projects back in 2014 involved building a community Hall In North West Province. Marabou Construction is now one of the growing construction companies in  South Africa, with several projects in its portfolio.

The Government of South Africa is currently politically stable and the development of the country is undertaken in a sustainable manner by equitable resource allocations and through implementation of coherent and prudent macroeconomic policies for businesses to prosper. The resultant growth, particularly the robust growth in the tourism.

My presence in this industry over the years has contributed enormously to the expansion of such African economic activities as construction.
Marabou construction is a 100% black owned company and 60% women owned.

Marabou Construction is now one of the fastest growing and reputed in South Africa.

Kind Regards

Tsheko Letlape : Director
Marabou Construction And Projects

Email: marabouconstruction@gmail.com

Web : www.marabouconstruction.co.za
 214 Beyers Naude Dr, Rustenburg, NWP, 0299  /  PO Box 281, Rustenburg, 0300
T +27 (0) 14 523 3701  I  M +27 (0) 76 470 4516

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About This COMPANY

    Marabou Construction and Projects is a full-time basis and has employed
    trustworthy, understanding and reliable staff to ensure the quality service and
    professionalism of the business.
    • Marabou Construction and Projects started operating in March 2015 and it was
    registered in 04-07-2016.
    • Marabou Construction and Projects is a 100% black owned company managed
    and directed by Mr Makgatha Tsheko Letlape who is from a previously
    disadvantaged background. Due to Mr Makgatha’s interest and abilities he
    decided to enter the business sector where he can assist his community by
    eradicating poverty, by employing community members and rendering the skills
    transfer programs to uplift the standard of living in his community and
    neighbouring areas.


    • ENTERPRICE NUMBER : 2016 /
    234723 /07
    • INCOME TAX NO : 9142691220
    • CIDB CRS NO : 10119743
    • NHBRC REG NO : 3000172077